Top Gear Magazine Review of Torsus

Top Gear Magazine picked up on the Praetorian and wrote an article, aligning our bus as the ‘F150 Raptor of the Bus World’. For the members of Team Torsus, the comparison doesn’t get much better than that!

Written by the Dutch Top Gear team, we’ve translated the story into English (as best we could!) and included it here below…


Your transport for the end of the world is here

We do not hope that the world will end. But if the apocalypse also means the end of traffic jams, people who catch up with 2 km / h speed difference, sea-salt caramel on everything, people who start a sentence with ‘I am the kind of person’, pizza with pineapple and mosquitoes, then we are not entirely against it either.

Plus: then you have a reason to buy a Torsus Praetorian. Or at least; to trade against three litres of fresh cucumber water and the world’s last avocado – there will undoubtedly be a bunch of hipsters who have survived the bang.

See the Torsus Praetorian as the Ford F-150 Raptor among the buses. With 35 co-survivors you can even overcome the most desolate landscapes. Or convert the rear part into a camper. The 3.7 meter high bus shows off a 28 degree ramp and a 22 degree angle. The ground clearance under the axles is 389 millimetres.

A six-cylinder MAN produces 240 hp and an awesome 925 Nm of torque. All wheels are driven and the differentials can be locked. A top speed of 117 km / h should be possible. Faster than the nomadic highwaymen can run, at least. Interested? Then travel to Prague, Czech Republic. Or do you go for the armored Skoda Superb?


You can read the original story on Top Gear Magazine here