The People Behind the World’s First Heavy Duty Off Road Bus


Vakhtang, CEO of TorsusVakhtang Dzukashvili – CEO

As CEO, Vakhtang is the guiding hand to the development and progression of Torsus and the vehicles we produce. The original idea of the Praetorian bus came from him and it was his vision and drive that developed the world’s first heavy duty off road bus into production.

Vakhtang oversees all operational areas of the business and in particularly, focuses on global sales, dealer relationships and vehicle manufacturing.


Yuliya Khomych – Director of Strategy, Head of Legal

Yuliya heads up our strategic development and communications. An international lawyer by profession, she controls all legal aspects and international compliance.

Yuliya is also responsible for HR within the business, internal communications and she steers company philosophy and all Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.



Peter Zaiček – Production Director

Peter is our director of production and works out of our production facilities in Slovakia. He manages the production team and ensures the smooth running of vehicle manufacturing, supply chain sourcing, manufacturing and all production operations.

His skills and experience ensure efficiency in the production and out put of vehicle manufacturing. He is also responsible for all quality control.


Tomáš Griger – Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer, Tomáš manages a team of 5 engineers and implements best engineering practices. He oversees all elements of design and engineering aspects of vehicle development. Tomáš works closely with Peter in our Slovakia manufacturing facility.




Chris Bowers – Marketing Director

Based in the UK and with strong connections in North America, Chris is our global head of marketing. His is responsible for all marketing, external communications, brand development and media relations.

Chris is usually the first point of contact for any media, press and dealer enquiries and actively works to develop the Torsus brand throughout the world.